How to implement custom node socket/interface type (for shader nodes)?

I’m developing ShaderNode-kit and want to have a custom socket type to pass a custom value, consisting of bunch of basic values (basically, an array of fload would be sufficient).

Neither example in templates_py, nor sources of “Animation Nodes” can bring light how do they work.

Try this:

You can use an an_GenericSocket in AN… You can put anything you like in there, you can also use FloatSocket as that has a list capability.

I don’t need AnimationNodes. I want ShaderNodes.
And I totally don’t understand how do I ‘put anything’ in a socket and get something from it.

You mentioned AN, I merely pointed out there are generic sockets in there capable of taking any kind of value, if you research this you will find how to build a socket file.

Nodes are nodes, sockets are sockets in Blender, doesn’t matter what they are for…