How to handle more than 32 - bit flags - for an enum?

I’m making a filter system for the Outliner, and one type of filter I’m coding is for enum ID_Type. This enum, however, has more than 32 members. Does anyone have any advice about the Blender way to handle this problem ?

Under the covers, enums are really ints. So unless you are on a machine with a really small word size, or there is some Blender-specific weirdness I’m missing, you should be good.

I was wanting to create an enum type that corresponds with the enum ID_Type members, and use it for bit masking. However, there are more than 32 enum ID_Type members. So, I’m not sure of the Blender Institute’s way of handling this.

Should I throw in a few #define or something else - to correlate with ID_Type ?
How should I handle the variable type that is assigned the larger than 32 bit values? Should I use something larger than an int ?