How to get toolbar icons names?

Sorry, i found all needed icons here

Like this:

from bl_ui.space_toolsystem_common import ToolSelectPanelHelper
cls = ToolSelectPanelHelper._tool_class_from_space_type('VIEW_3D')

for item_group in cls.tools_from_context(bpy.context):
    if type(item_group) is tuple:
        index_current = cls._tool_group_active.get(item_group[0].idname, 0)
        for sub_item in item_group:
        if item_group is not None:

In “2.80/datafiles/icons/” you have the all new active tools icons.

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Thank you very much!

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How can I tell something to use the same icon as something in the toolbar? I got the list copied out for each interaction mode from the nice script @zebus3d posted but blender doesn’t know what icon = ‘Select’ means

honestly the easiest way to do it is just to enable the icons addon that ships with blender. when it’s enabled it draws them all in the sidebar of the script editor and you just hover over them to get the key.

Normal icons, yeah, and it will copy the name when you click one, but for whatever reason toolbar icons aren’t in there. Was hoping for some magic trick to reference the toobar ones so I can put them in the 3d header but I’m not finding anything.

Saw this in the meantime though, looks like a straightforward way to just change a few icons I don’t care about into stuff I want, overwrite the png, and call it a day.