How to get original Rotation and everything else?

I can’t understand why you can apply rotations so they turn to 0 0 0.

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Is that because it’s easier to “apply” instead of going to the local origin thing? I think maybe and also this allows to reset other things to 0 0 0 and work easier with it, but okay hmm yes maybe you can work easier with it. IF you own the .blend file but if you import something, I think not…

My question is how can you, reset the rotation of an applied object “ACCURATELY”. It is impossible for me to even imagine that in technical view, that a mesh has 0 0 0 when its position is completly somewhere else than the center. The original position or rotation or whatever has been done in math in the backend, holds the rotation value. How can I make that value display?

This is a common confusion.

Position isn’t a transform per se, and it’s always relative to the scene origin which is fixed.

In other words, position, be it local or global, is always relative to something. Transform and rotation are not.

What you are asking for is for a transform history per object, so everything we do in object mode is stored in some history. Kind of what Max does with the Xform modifier.

So you should have it clear that you are asking for help or a feature, not submitting a bug or anything.

The answer to your question is: You cannot, once applied, that transform is absolute and that’s the object new state. You could attempt to code an addon that saves the transform history for an object in object mode.

Or alternatively, do what everybody does and work carefully and always knowing what you’re doing, and what are the implications of transforming in object mode.

Object mode transforms make sense once you get used to and understand those, and combined with deltas there isn’t much need to store any history of that.