How to get FaceSet information from a python addon?


I would like to improve my addon (QuadRemesher) by using the FaceSets created by the user.
I don’t find a way to get access to the FaceSets (tags assigned to each face).
How can I access FaceSet information from my python script ?



I am looking for information on this as well. Is it possible to access the Sculpt facesets?


I’d like to bump this topic since I found a diff that addresses this feature, but it was never added or fully reviewed:
I recently downloaded quadremesher, and using face sets would be extremely helpful. Any devs who are willing to look into it again would be greatly appreciated.

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I’m bumping this topic again—as stated before, being able to use face sets would be extremely helpful for a number of addon developers. It would be a shame to have this contributor’s code go to waste (link in previous post).


There’s a new patch by Sculpt module developer that seems to supersede it: ⚙ D15025 Expose Face Sets In Python API