How to export bpy data

I have this statment that is creating a file path with some data in it,

filepath=save_path[:-4] + "_textured.obj", use_selection=False)

what I want is if there is anyway to call bpy and have access to this created data without creating this data’s

below are examples of what the file contains, my aim is to call bpy.something that then gives us access to this data directly without creating them in any path

# Blender v3.0.0 Alpha OBJ File: ''
mtllib true4_textured.mtl
o true4
v 0.036211 0.473554 0.098393
v 0.046200 0.468520 0.090193
v 0.041395 0.485634 0.089270
v 0.051453 0.476910 0.079858
v 0.043501 0.460719 0.097785
v 0.033910 0.463025 0.103785
v 0.052670 0.461267 0.081924

OBJ is a very easy format to write. Why not implement your own output of vertices in that format, if that’s what you want?

Thanks, if you mean creating the obj file, thats already what am doing , but it seems this part must be created first then i can access the rest of the properties by calling some functions.


All those properties are already accessible via Blender’s Python API, without having to export to OBJ or any other format.

Alright then i will talk with the guy responsible for blender tasks to actually document a way to get these properties with the python API without creating an obj.

thank you

Start by looking at the source code for the exporter.