How to export an object

Hey guys, now there is another problem. I want to export a Model with Materials that i created inside Blender (example a red cube). So if i am exporting this object to .obj and importing this to another blender project, the textures doesn’t show up. And i can’t find a solution in the internet about that.

For blend to blend file you rather append the object. In any other case you can also try the relative new glf (called something like that) format. If the engine or program supports the glf format it should work better than obj.

Hi, for .obj you have to enable “Write Materials” in the export dialogue > Geometry.
You get an .obj and a .mtl file which included material and UV coordinates, if needed.
Tested with uploading both files.

Cheers, mib
Btw., this is not a Blender support forum, it is more for Blender developers.

Yeah thank you ^^
i do not know were i can find the Blender support forum… (sry for that)
but i tried these steps and none of them worked for me. As i imported these in an other blender project (not the append function)