How to edit the Blender documentation


I noticed that some pages of the Blender documentation are outdated, have incorrect information, too vague or have spelling and/or grammar mistakes, which is why I want to edit them.

However when I click Edit Page it only shows the text but does not allow me make chnages to it.
Unfortunately I do not have a coding background so I’m also unfamilliar with things like RTS or HTML.

Is there a way for me to edit the manual, or is knowledge of coding a prerequisite? And if it is possible, how do you do it?

Thank you and have a great day!

There is no need to know coding to work on the manual, however understanding how to use command line tools and a willingness to learn some simple things are useful if you want to edit the Blender manual.

For how with modifying the Blender manual, please refer to this page: Contribute Documentation — Blender Manual

It seems like I need to install python to edit the online manual? Is it possible to do it online directly?

No, if there was an easier way we would have listed it, the docs team is looking at different solutions for the future, but for now this is the way

Other people when asked about why they started to learn python:
I wanted to make videogames!

So you know there is this online manual for Blender…

But seriously I hope that the docs team finds a better solution, because the skill level required to edit the documentation seems ridiculously high to me.

You don’t need to learn Python. You’re just installing Python so an automated script can use Python to do stuff for you.

I hope that a simpler solution to edit docs is implemented soon.
Weblate has been considered: ⚓ T68588 Blender: Going Locale

You can hit “Report Issue on this page” right next to “Edit Page” to report errors. You can then post anything from finished code with images down to a simple description of the error".

I started editing the documentation for similar reasons as the creator of this topic. The setup went smoothly and I submitted my first patch 2.5 weeks ago, with the “Documentation” tag and everything. However, while it did get noticed (someone posted a comment), it has since gone ignored. No further comments, no reviewer assigned, nothing. At this point I’m starting to think it has been forgotten.

Two days ago I submitted a second patch, which has so far received even less attention (which is to say, none at all).

Needless to say, this is making me hesitate to create further patches, which is a shame because I think certain sections could definitely use some work.

Have others experienced the same? Is there anything I can do?

@MatthewHinson If your patch does not receive any attention, I would recommend you post a comment once in a while, tagging people from the documentation module, such as Aaron Carlisle (blendify).

Thank you, I’ll try that.

Edit: just before I was going to post a comment (end of May), the member you mentioned found the second patch and wrote he’d look at it “soon”… which didn’t happen. In the end I posted a comment after all, which however went ignored.

I hope you understand I don’t feel like badgering people over weeks or even months on end for every patch I make, so I probably won’t be submitting further ones.

Edit 2: After a last ditch attempt at getting attention by submitting a third patch, I’m happy to report that two of my patches now got reviewed and accepted! (The remaining one is pending discussion on new terminology)