How to download blender addons folder

Hi there,
I have been using git bash to download Blender with the command git pull rebase, when i m in main folder( then master), after this command , I
will type the command $ git submodule foreach --recursive git pull --rebase origin master to download addons. Now even if I type this command and change the master to main I still can’t download the add folder. while linking libs with Cmake I got this warning:

Thanks in advance for your help.

likely this? Changes to the Blender.Git submodule configuration

Sorry it didn’t help, I put aside git bash, I m using now windows command line see screenshot below. In the screenshot I followed this instructions New Development Infrastructure — Developer Blog and I am still getting an error, see screenshot.

Yep I have been reading and trying to figure out how to solve this problem but no success ::frowning_face:

Hope you guys help me out

honestly i’d just start from scratch using our current build instructions

reviving an old tree as you have noticed will have various levels of success. a lot of things have moved since even that blog post.

Thanks It worked. The reason I was using the git-shell it was easy to apply a diff and then build custom Blender, now how can I apply a diff that I want to try out and give feedback?

Lot of context missing here, which i now have to guess at, which isn’t great, and i’m likely going to get it wrong.

I’m guessing you were using arc to apply patches and given we are no longer using phab, this no longer works? if that is the case, the wiki has the answer for you.

If you were doing something else, please give more details

I was doing most of thing by hand meaning, let’s say I like D2345 for example, I will go the page right click it and save diff as, i will save in the blender folder (git-blender/blender) and then go to the git-shell, type git apply D2345.diff, then link and compile. Yeah I was doing this during phabricator time. I didn’t understand how to use arc.
Sorry for not being clear

I recommend the way the wiki suggests, since you don’t have to worry if it applies or not however… if you want to apply manually, the process isn’t that different from what you were doing before