How to download 2.79

All, Is there a way to Download 2.79? I’m a newbie to blender and just want to try and learn the system before I go down the path of upgrading my drivers.

Please advise, Cindy

Yes there is Index of /release/
Choose whichever version you want

So excited, Thank you!

Heads up, starting 2.80+ the user interface is significantly different, learning 2.79 at this point may not be the best use of your time. I won’t stop you, but a warning should be made here.

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Nice decision, Personally, I love 2.79 more. 2.79 is the first blender version I learned using blender as well. Good luck

I would politely disagree that using 2.79 as a newbie is a nice decision. Blender 3 and blender 2.79 are two entirely different pieces of software. Blender 2.79 is 5 years old at this point and is not a good representation of what Blender is. Trying to learn the old version will teach you some outdated techniques, practices and hotkeys that are no longer valid.

Blender 2.80+ and 3 has a completely different interface compared to older versions, and when you switch to a modern version you will be wondering where all the things menus and buttons went, like we wondered back in the day when 2.80 was introduced. But we were in this together and you’ll be 4 years late to a party in a completely meaningless way. This is a terrible, terrible idea and there’s not a single reason you should inflict this upon yourself.

That’s like saying “I want to learn how to drive, but I think it would be a good idea to learn to drive a steam automobile before I fully commit, and I will learn some outdated traffic rules while I’m at it”.


If I were me, I would download a couple versions and use the newest one that can run on my machine. If that is 2.79, then so be it.

The interface changes dramatically in newer versions, but the basic Blender principles and features are still there. Older tutorials are still around on Youtube. It does not matter so much where you start, as long as you do. Blender on!

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Yes The principles are still same, so if u can understand 2.79, its so easy to understand 2.8+
Plus 2.79 has more interesting themes and colorful icons , so its less eye strain and it will be better for your visual memory to detech buttons because brain has more cells to detech colors than shapes , So u can grasp the main princples of interface in a better way with 2.79. Also when I first started I didnt like default theme, then it made it more visually understandable when I choose intersting and cool themes of 2.79 and it motivated me to learn, (Then u can try to use the old theme in 2.8 after u learn blender, u can adapt the old theme pretty much easily. )

Thank You, Everyone! I get it is not the latest verson, however I don’t have the means to go out and buy what is needed to support 3.0. I can really say, I’m a big-time newbie for this type of program so just getting the concepts is a good start for me. I’ll likely get a new computer down the road, however I don’t mind trying to learn new programs. I pretty much do that with a lot of things I do now. I find it to well rounding and the general concepts typically flow from one program to the other.

I really do appreciate the community here. Cindy