How to define a CurveProfile property?

This commit (
added the CurveProfile type ( but how to define a property (of a Operator) as a CurveProfile type to be added in a python addon?

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I wish there were a way right now to do this, but unfortunately I don’t think there is.

The hack with CurveMapping is to use a node group with it inside, but there is no node with a CurveProfile in it.

I will try to make this possible, but I’m not exactly sure how, so it will depend on the help of other developers and honestly this is sort of low priority compared to other stuff I guess.

Probably the same situation as with bpy.types.CurveMapping and bpy.types.ColorRamp, all of which are not possible to create from the Python API.

It’s quite depressing.

It’s a hack, but you may find it somehow useful