How to compile different default "Load Factory Settings" preferences

When I compile blender, I can create a new default startup.blend file that stores preferences, technically. But unfortunately I’ve found that a factory reset will crash because a particular addon is no-longer saved as activated (something I as an addon to need to run the layout modifications). Now on factory reset and fresh install I get an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION


How can I access the default user preferences for all factory resets before compilation to make sure the settings are correct?

Does a factory reset draw it’s user preferences from the Startup.blend file in the respository \release\datafiles? Or are they somewhere else? (file works fine alone)

I assume the factory userpref.blend settings or parameters are stored elsewhere before compiling. Any idea?

Any pointers will help.

I tried recreating the workspaces on a bare minimum to test the addon, it’s not the cause. I have found that some preferences save to the factory setup, meanwhile others do not. No matter if I compile with a working startup.blend file with the right theme and settings.

  1. Toolbar addon settings didn't save
  2. Theme didn't save
  3. Hotkeys did save
  4. Custom code for hidding viewport toggles did save

The default layout and user preferences are stored in release/datafiles/startup.blend. But there are a bunch of settings that are changed programmatically on top of that, mainly in versioning_defaults.c.

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Thanks! Very kind of you. I knew there was another file somewhere changing things! I’ll check it out.

Just to mention it, I removed a workspace that the C file was checking, which caused the crash.