How to change text size and underline?

I’m writing a preliminary design for a code documentation tool for the Blender codebase on “Blender Development”, and differing text sizes and underlines would increase clarification.

Does this forum offer this functionality?

This forum uses Markdown for formating text…


Thanks for your help. But I need to combing size(I’m using heading for size) with some other formatting like underline, color or even blockquote. I’ve tried a number of things I saw on the internet, and nothing is working.

Actually, I can’t seem to change the color or create the underline format at all.

If anyone knows, let me know.

Try BBCode:


Try a combination of BBCode and Markdown:

[u]Underlined Heading[/u]
[u][i]strong underlined[/i][/u]

Try HTML <h1></h1><h6></h6> tags for size.

It seems color is not allowed.

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Thank you very much. But MAN I think I did try this tag for underline before, and it didn’t work. In fact, I tried many many different things. Well, it’s working now so thanks again.