How to avoid runtime error when calling an operator from a handler or another operator if the called operator has{'ERROR'})

I’m trying to call an operator that has a from both a handler and another operator. It all runs smoothly until it returns to the calling code, at which point it triggers a runtime error and the message is not displayed to the user. removing the works, but then I have no way of informing the user of problems they need to manually resolve.

Is there a way to call an operator which uses, from either a handler or another operator without getting the runtime error?

Here’s a small example code: open a blend file and change frame to test the handler, ctrl shift f will let you run it from a popup menu.

The only areas of interest are the init file, the operator folder, and the handler folder. Everything else is just to automate class registration or unrelated to the problem.

Having a smaller example that shows the issue would be a good idea. I tried to enable your addon but get this error:

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Hi Paul, thanks for taking a look. I’ve actually found a workaround now of not using, but instead using popups. I’d still be interested in a proper solution though, so I’ve re-uploaded (I’d accidentally named the file TEST.PY instead of