How to access UIList properties?

I have a list in python defined like this:

col.template_list("GPENCIL_UL_layer", "", gpd, "layers", gpd.layers, "active_index", rows=layer_rows)

The user can enable the inverse sort order using the property use_filter_sort_reverse, but the problem I have is how to access this property.

I need something like:

if xxxxx.use_filter_sort_reverse:
	do this...

The problem is that I’m unable to access to this property, how can I do that?

There is no way to do it currently, except inside GPENCIL_UL_layer.draw_item but that’s not helpful here.

To be honest I’m not sure why this exists as a user settable option at all, but for grease pencil it makes even less sense. Maybe template_list can get an parameter to have a fixed order and just always show layers in the appropriate order consistent with typical image editing apps?