How to access the data from a node socket, for processing it?

Please help me with this-

It’s not supported, you can’t implement custom shader nodes with the Python API. Only node groups.

Ok, Thanks for information.

Is OSL what I am looking for?

I mean, if OSL is an alternative, than I can further learn about it.

OSL is the way to implement custom shader node yes. It is only supported in Cycles with CPU rendering.

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One small question about this topic.
The only way to add new own custom nodes is through implementing them in C++ like in shader_nodes.cpp.
I only ask if there is a way to add the nodes from the object file to Blender dynamically because with each new update (3.0, 3.1, 3.1.2) I compile the whole project.
Thank you for the time.

No, it’s not possible to add nodes dynamically.