How to access a list of uv layer coordinates in Blender 2.80 API

In Blender 2.79 it was possible to get access to a list of uv coordinates via “tessface_uv_textures”
Now they are only listed as single loops in “uv_layers”. Is there a way to recreate this uv list for the loops of triangles? or is the only way to access them via polygons. I need a formular to get 6 UVs for the 3 points of a triangle.
Hope I descriped the problem properly - I am just new here :wink:

There is an example of how to print the UVs for every polygon in the docs:

@brecht thanks for fast reply - I have seen that, but how to get especially the UVs, wich are associated to the loops of a triangle calculated with the calc_loop_triangles method?

This property has the loop indices that are like loop_index in the example code.

okay this makes sense, but there is a little difference - polygons have loop_start and loop_total and meshlooptriangle has only loop
I am very new to python scripting, thats why this may be a noob question. How would the code look like, I guess it would be like:
tri = mesh.loop_triangles
for loop_index in (tri.loop):
print(" UV: %r" % uv_layer[loop_index].uv)

update: I got it to work, thanks again :wink:

here is the code:

import bpy

me =
uv_layer =

for tri in me.loop_triangles:
    print("Tri index: %d" % (tri.index))

    for loop_index in (tri.loops):
    print("    UV: %r" % uv_layer[loop_index].uv)