How it is supposed to sort objects to match them with Blender's internal sorting?

I have the sorting like this:

objects= col.all_objects[:]
objects.sort(key=lambda x:, reverse=False)

I’ve used .upper() because blender’s sort is case-insensitive. But in the same time non-Latin sorting is case-sensitive, so I get wrong sorting with .upper() in non-Latin object names:

enter image description here

Console output:

enter image description here

Other nasty thing that Blender uses case-sensitive when sorts name.00x things:

enter image description here

which makes sorting even more painful!

How it is supposed to sort objects to match them with Blender’s internal sorting?

I don’t know the answer. But I do have a general remark:

Why do you want to do that? Maybe you can state the actual problem you’re trying to solve and someone can give you a better way do do it.

Relying on the internal sorting order to be the same across versions seems brittle/bug-prone to me.

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One workaround that I can think of is naming the objects in your collection smartly. name them 0001road 0002road 0003road or something like that. That way you force the sorting order.