How do I use bl_idname correctly?

I didnt find anything about bl_idname only what i Know if I wanna use view3d for panels like
bl_idname = “VIEW3D_PT_test_1”
and this is what I know about bl_idnames I dont get it where do I get em or how to undesstand em

you create them. at least for the panels/operators/menus/etc that you are building. the bl_idname is a unique identifier that Blender will use to execute your operator or instantiate your menu. There are some requirements for the name- panels must contain _PT_, menus must contain _MT_, operators use the simplified ‘calling’ version of the idname- but for consistency’s sake I’d recommend naming your classes with the _OT_ identifier. As an example, if you create an operator class called MYSTUFF_OT_super_operator, the bl_idname should be mystuff.super_operator