How can to generate a random cylinders inside a cube with nodes geometry?

Hello everyone,
I asked on a mixer forum how to generate fibers (cylinders) in a cube using the geometric knot technique. Someone suggested me a solution that you can find in this link: How to use random cylinders inside a cube with geometric nodes? - Blender Stack Exchange
This solution in the generation of fibers does not give a fiber content of more than 15% in the cube.
I want to use these models in my scientific research, I would like to ask you if you could improve this technique to use in this solution to increase the fiber content up to 20 or 25%. Any Help?

This task is related to the currently open topic of filling geometry with points.
If you only need a cube, then everything is easier.
Can the fibers be just dots in the volume, or do they have to have some distinguishing features?
How should they take each other into account?

In this case, the fibers are the same length and diameter, and they do not touch each other and do not touch the cube.

In this case, it makes sense either to fill them in according to a regular tiling algorithm, or to present them with non-intersecting convex and tiling them

The fibers are distributed randomly and without overlap between them in the cube.
Can you shared my the link of topic of filling geometry with points?

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Hey, I gave you a link, but it leads to the development site. There is no support provided and no features requested. You can learn about development news or suggest any resources for it, but no more

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