How can I narrow TortoiseGit Log's commit list to ONLY one specific branch?

I’m using the commits as a guide to understand the Blender codebase better, but the commits are all intertangled. I would like to narrow down the type of commits by a specific branch that is focused on one main task(e.g. SoC branches). I guess I would like to take a look at the greasepencil-object branch for starters. I would like to see all the smaller commits for this branch and learn the very specific aspects of what the coder was doing.

Are any of the commits of the SoC branches even available for viewing or are they all just inaccessible on the coder’s local repository ?

click this

click 1, 2, 3

This gets you the log of the branch, but it will still contain all commits including merges from master and not just the ones done to this branch.

click here

and put checkmarks here


now you should have a log of just the comits you are looking for

the cli is a LOT quicker with this, check out the branch you want and run

git log --no-merges master..


Alright, thanks a lot - that’s a very good explanation. I’m interested in learning the step by step process of what the developers did during the development of the greasepencil-object branch.

Do you think that all their commits are listed here ?


Also, oddly, neither my master branch nor remotes/origin/greasepencil-object are showing the commits you have in the picture above. I wonder why?

The top commit for master is:

  • Cleanup: comments causing bad clang-format output

The top commit for remotes/origin/greasepencil-object is

  • GP: Guides: Change keys to release event

I haven’t pulled in a few days so you probably have never commits than i have.