How can I help with Triage on Blender Dev Wiki?

I know that developing Blender is an incredible amount of work spread out among a lot of individuals, but with the bulk of the work falling on a few. Unfortunately, I’m an artist and not a coder, so my ability to help with Blender development is limited to my donations, bug reports, and sometimes feature ideas.

However, as I submitted a bug report today, I looked at all of those needing triage, and I realized, I can certainly at least test to see if they’re bugs that I can reproduce, and help to triage them. So I was wondering how I could be a part of that process, or if that’s truly needed.

I’ve used Blender since 2.21 (I purchased the book with Blender and some assets on a CD!) in 2001. I have a long history of community assistance on Forums and Stack Exchange, as well as thorough bug reports, and occasionally well thought out feature requests.

I’d just like to help this team to lighten the load in this especially busy and trying time. If anyone could shed some light on who to contact (or if I should just jump in and start going through and commenting on bug reports, which I almost did) that would be appreciated.


Yes, you can help with bug triaging in a few ways:

  • Help create simple .blend files to reproduce the problem if they are missing or there is only a complex file.
  • If something appears to be not a bug but some confusion about how a feature works, reply explaining how to use the feature.
  • If a bug report is vague or incomplete, you can ask the reporter to provide the missing information.

If you’re interested in contributing in general, helping to update the Blender manual to 2.8 is probably the most important way artists / users can contribute.