Hit-detection algorithm for instances?

It’s been quite some time since I tasked myself with creating an object with a bunch of smaller objects in it. We’re talking a couple of hundred smaller objects within a volume, therefore, physics sim is out of the question.

The idea is to create a volume and use a wonderful new addition - the “Distribute points in volume” node. What I soon discovered is that points are accurately generated within a volume with a help of a Raycast node. However, when they are instanced, the instanced mesh always overlaps the boundary of a target mesh. It seems like Blender lacks something I would call a “hit-detection” for instance mesh.

I was looking for help at Erindale’s discord server and Chipp Walter mentioned that he tried the same thing but ultimately failed to find a solution like I just did and went to develop his own methods in Python.

My question here is whether this problem has a more simplistic solution, than creating a petabyte worth of geonodes, or if this is something that Blender lacks at this stage. If the latter, is it something that devs might consider working on (or maybe they already do)?

Thank you

Make another volume to store some points and then scale it down until nothing sticks out. I looked up who erindale is, looks like a neat youtube channel