Hiring a Blender Dev?

Hi all,
I am an independent game artist wondering about the possibility of paying a Blender developer to implement some small features / fixes and add them to the main Blender build.
There are some things that would really help my workflow and I think would be useful for others, too.

Is this a possibility? Or is everyone too busy? I know about RCS for feature requests but I’d for sure consider paying for some specific features that I need for my work and then releasing them for everyone.



We do this kind of service for studios, we organize the development and look for the developer for the required feature, some times is hard to find the proper developer for the task when the task is complex or super specific (we are looking for a FreeStyle developer since several months already for a production), but we have a pair of developers that are “all-terrain”.

So write me if you want and we can analyze the features, juangea@bone-studio.com

(Let me say that we also found some requests that were done due to the idea that lead to think that a similar feature didn’t exist in Blender, for those situations we don’t recommend a development, if it’s a simple thing we just say to the client what’s the solution and that`s it, no point in hiring anyone, not even us hahaha, for complex things that are not just “you can do this that way” we provide tailored courses or one-to-one consultancy).


Thanks for the info!
Just to clarify, I’m not looking for a custom build for my studio, I would prefer to contribute the features to the main Blender developement.


That is one of the requirements we have for the clients, if something can be useful for everyone, we (or the client itself) should be able to make it public, if it’s too specific there is no use for it, but still all teh development is done under GPL (or APACHE for Cycles), but everything must be kept open source, no closed developments :slight_smile:

In general what we did so far (we started with this service some months ago) are specific things, not useful in general, but it’s important to keep everyting open source :slight_smile:


You might take a look at this: https://fund.blender.org/corporate-memberships/

Hmm, so hiring a blender dev for 1 month cost 6k ? :neutral_face:
i was also thinking of hiring for some idea i had but that’s quite expensive ( for a freelancer at least )


It’s actually fairly reasonable as far as Programmer freelance rates go. But yeah, it’s not really feasable for smaller studios and solo devs. For which I guess the only option is to hire someone external (like Bone-Studio) and then hope that the work gets into a Blender release somehow?

In the US that’s peanuts. a software developer only making 6k/month has a salary of only 72k/year with no health insurance, etc. a competent freelance software developer in the US will easily cost you 12k/month or more, obviously this is different in other countries where the cost of living is different, etc.

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