HIP Renderer with AMD RX500 Series/GCN Architecture

Hey Guys! I was wondering if I can use CyclesX using AMD GCN Architect. Apparently, the new HIP renderer in 3.0 beta is only compatible with RDNA & RDNA 2. I was so hype knowing I’m was gonna be able to use CyclesX with my card but got disappointed instead when I find it not working (not compatible).

My system specs are
12GB ddr4

God, I wish I can go back in time and buy NVIDIA instead, the disappointment is extremely painful.

I know AMD supports HIP on VEGA, not so sure about GCN. Even if Vega support for the new Cycles makes it, I find the drop of openCL a bit fast.
GCN is only 4 years old!

Cycles / HIP only support RDNA and RDNA2 cards (5xxx and 6xxx series) at the moment. Getting older cards to work is being looked at.

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