Highlight new features in the UI since last version used

While watching a video from Pablo on new features of the UI, I started to realize that other software, namely video games such as Dota or Doom, have systems in place to show you new changes since the last time you viewed a feature, or since a particular version.

I was wondering if maybe there is a way to accomplish a similar feat in Blender, such as coloring the UI changes with a form of highlight, possibly one that fades out after you view it, allowing the user to self learn of changes without as much as a need to read a change log and try to mentally associate with something they haven’t visually identified yet.

Perhaps something like this can be stored in on-disk preferences, and possibly stored in the Steam profile for persistence (when do we get achievements?!).

Anyways, just a thought! o/


Like the idea, C4D for example uses a yellow overlay for highlighting new features: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SEorgFQT-8.

I think this would be very useful especially for Blender, considering the amount of features and changes that are brought with every release.


That’s a pretty good way to implement it, actually. Although I don’t know if it’s good or bad that they already do this. You don’t exactly want to copy their UI!

Great idea! That would help understand better than a Release note, indeed! :slight_smile:

Mimicking one feature is not “copying the UI”. There is no creation in isolation, or parthenogenesis. Every creator is inspired by everyone else, and that’s how art, tech and science goes forward.

On the other hand, we have an unfair, Dark Ages patent system that may protect a single idea and thus impede progress (as usually), especially on the same kind of product, provided it was patented. But a game, vs a CAD application is NOT the same kind of product, so there is no such issue. Also, there might be “prior art”, I think I’ve heard or seen this before.

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Indeed, but IANAL! Besides, I can’t implement this, so whomever decided to try would need to be the one to figure out the details, I suppose.