Hide camera border

Hi guys,

I’m working on an addon for image references with cameras and I wonder if there is a way to totally hide camera borders with Python?
With all the options disabled in Blender I still have this dotted line.

Thank you for your help!

No, this can’t be configured. Why is this needed?

Like I said, I’m using cameras and add references (empty images) in it.
You can see the video on this link :wink:

Could you elaborate on exactly why this is needed?

I use cameras and add empty images inside to display references and anotations.

I would like to hide the border because it’s not needed since I don’t use the camera for rendering.

We cannot add other perspective camera and parent something to it.

Look at the video in the link to see the addon I’m working on.

Really nice, looks a bit like that Zbrush tool, they have much more options though. But why dont use use a plane, than you wont have that camera border issue. Problem is you would need a script to let if follow the view. You could also try it a background image and then make a custom gizmo which will interact with all its settings. I think that one will be the best option perhaps

I think the solution by getting 3d view Area will need a modal function. This could mean a slow down because it constantly checking position.

Clever setup, i did manage to remake it. Not as nice as you but a simple constraint did the same.

It’s not a good idea to use plane because it will receive snapping where with empty image the is no issue about that.

The best would have been to be able to create perspective cameras like maya and parent the empty on it, but it’s not possible.