Hidden images to user on UI

While looking for a way to show an image on UI from Python, i found a possibility is using and image loaded in bpy.data.images, naming with a dot at first char to hide it to user.

Do not know the purpose and other uses of this hidden “feature”, but if for any reason, the user renames on Image Editor an image with a dot at first position, will be disappearing from list (the name could be restored from python console).

Maybe a better solution should be having a flag for this ? If not, may be a warning should be set to user if name is set from UI ?

To allow loading and using an image from Python, could you check this branch ?

There is a process for contributing code.

To just get feedback if the functionality is something that could be accepted in Blender, it should be motivated as explained here:

To get code review, a pull request should be created: