Help with unclear strings for translation

Can someone helps me with this word “PreviewLoopCol”, is the ‘Col’ stood for ‘Color’ or ‘Column’?

Thank you

@HooglyBoogly Might have the answer to this one :slight_smile:

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Looks like this was the remnants of the old “preview color” system, which was removed during 2.8 development. I removed the rest here: Cleanup: Remove remnants of old color layer preview system · fe3b8b6e9b - blender - Blender Projects

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Thank you very much.

Let’s keep this open, there may be more questions about strings and we don’t need a new topic for each.


Another term I don’t understand is “Chroma inset”, in the context of the AgX Log colour space. I haven’t been able to find an explication of the term in the AgX devtalk topic, the pull request, or through wider Internet search.
Full message: “AgX Log: Log Encoding with Chroma inset and rotation, and with 25 Stops of Dynamic Range”.

@troy_s could maybe help out :slight_smile:

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This might be of assistance:

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It helps somewhat! I see that it involves an operation on the primary colours, so I suppose it could mean that the triangle they define is scaled towards the white point?

In any case, I wonder whether it’s relevant to have that detail in the English tooltip in the first place. I could well just be ignorant, but I don’t feel that most artists know about it, except maybe colour grading artists. Or it could be described in more detail in the documentation?

I believe that’s the user that the tooltip is designed for.

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What does “Stencil” mean in the context of Grease Pencil? It’s used in the Self Overlap material property:
“Disable stencil and overlap self intersections with alpha materials”


It’s used in the GP_MATERIAL_DISABLE_STENCIL material flag with this comment: disable stencil clipping (overlap), but not anywhere else in the UI as far as I can tell.

(BTW, could an admin tag this topic with ui-translation and doc-translation?)