Help On Filling Faces


I’m new to Blender so recently I’ve been looking at some tutorials on YouTube. In one of them, it says to use F to fill faces and I’ve tried this and it hasn’t worked. It could be because the video was from a few years ago. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it.

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Use the command alt-F to Fill. You can also find it under the face menu in the Header(Grid fill is also found there) or by searching for it using F3.

For future reference please ask for support on,, or check the manual

Thanks for replying!
I’ve tried to do alt and F, search for it using F3 and tried to find the face menu, but I can’t see it.

Do you know why this may be?

Are you in edit mode?

I select the faces in object mode and then switch to edit mode and they’re not selected. I now see the face option on the header though but it’s telling me to select faces.

You have to select the edges around the area that you want to fill. You will need to be in edge select mode(press 2 on the keyboard) for this. Then press alt-f to grid fill once you have selected the edges

It’s worked! Thank you for helping me.

Have a nice day, cya!