Help make Python better: talk to the Python pip UX Team

Hi there,

My name is Bernard Tyers - I’m a UX researcher and designer working on pip - the Python package manager, used to install Python code.

You might (or might not!) be aware that you are using a program called pip when using Python and Blender.

My work at the moment is improving the usability of pip, for all users. Right now, a lot of what pip does can be confusing and complicated for people who are not Python experts. Our objective is to understand how to improve that.

Between now and early-mid September we want to hear from users so we can learn about:

  • Who uses pip and how that affects their understanding of what pip does?
  • How do users’ disabilities affect their usage of pip?
  • How does pip documentation help users?
  • What pip functionality is important to users?

We’re looking to speak with people of all background - so far we’ve had a lot of response from programmers, developers (for obvious reasons) but we’re very conscious that there are MANY “non-programming” users, so we are also specifically looking to hear from those who don’t identify themselves as a “programmer”.

(I use Python for my UX work but I wouldn’t consider myself a programmer!)

If you want to take part, first thing is to sign-up here:

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll then send you information about the research we’re planning.

I’m happy to answer any questions about this UX work in the forum.

Forum mods: I hope it’s acceptable for me posting this message. If there’s any questions, please let me know. I’m posting here as I know Python is used in Blender.

Thanks in advance for your time,
Python Software Foundation pip UX Team


(I’m adding these due to the restriction on new users and the number of links they can post)

You can read about our work on the Python Software Foundation website - and

You can hear about our work on the Test And Code Python podcast -

Maybe you could post about it at the python channel here too:

You’ll find discussions and work relating to pip here:

And in particular here(pypi):

Hi @tintwotin

Thanks for your reply. Already ahead of you on posting it on! I did that earlier today. :slight_smile:

About the other two links - are you suggesting that I mention my request to talk with people in those issue tickets? I’d be very happy to do that, if you think people would be OK with that. Are there any that you’d recommend?

I hope you’ll sign up too to take part. :+1:

No, those last two links are only if you want to know what has been done and discussed on the subject. Actually, it would be very interesting to hear from you guys, what pip solution you would recommend for Blender use?

Gotcha. Thanks. :+1:

I’m afraid I don’t have the in-depth technical knowledge to advise on that. I wouldn’t want to give you bad advice!

If it helps, I’d suggest posting that question (with some background information about the discussion the Blender community have been having) in the Python packaging discussion forum on The pip devs are there and very helpful.