Having selection issues with a 3.0 build

In early December after 3.0 came out, I cloned the blender repo and branched from the 3.0.0 tag, and had no problems with the first few builds from there. I’ve since done a clean system install, and figured I’d just do the same thing again.

For some reason though, my new 3.0 build is having issues when trying to select in object mode (it seems like the objects are a little to the top and left from where they appear in the viewport).

3.0 downloaded from blender.org works fine. Building the current master branch (3.1 alpha) works fine. The only obviously relevant difference to my system is that I’m on macOS 12.1 now (previously 12.0.1).

Is there something I’m overlooking? Is it possible the files being pulled with make update are not in sync with the 3.0 branch?

It just seems like a weird issue.

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You’re likely building with XCode13, which has a codegen bug, a fix has been landed in master a few days after the 3.0 release.

That was it! Thank you!

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