Hardware requirements for Blender 2.8

Our studio is discussing the budget for computer hardware purchases for 2019. Is there a preliminary list of hardware requirements for Blender 2.8 other than the OpenGL 3.3 or higher? It could perhaps be in the form that 2.79 uses - Minimum, Recommended, and Optimal) We need some basis on which to make recommendations for hardware purchases. Could a preliminary list be provided please? We understand it would not be a finalized list. Thank you.

I am going to guess it really is only OpenGL3.3. Everything else is really supported.

NVIDIA cards usually are a bit more reliable than AMD cards in terms of rendering. But always think about whether you are going down the GPU / CPU route.

But pretty much, spend more on cpu = faster processing of your scene / rendering. spend more on your gpu = faster renders and a bit better viewport performance. spend more on ram = allow you to store bigger scenes. Its all tradeoffs. Understand how each component works, understand what you are trying to do and make a informed decision around that.

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The requirements section of blender.org is still valid.

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Thanks so much, Carlo. We will evaluate what we really need recognizing there are always tradeoffs. We are thinking of getting GPUs of 4GB and focus on single core performance of the CPU (ie. higher click speed rather than high core count. Thanks for your advice.

Thanks Pablo, this helps a lot. We didn’t know if there would be a big jump in hardware requirements with the new Eevee Renderer.

I’m not sure if the requirements are really still valid for Eevee. The GPU RAM numbers on that web page should probably be doubled for 2.8.

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We figured that the real-time rendering would rely more heavily on GPU memory. We’ll try to future proof and recommend doubling the GPU RAM. Thanks Brecht.

Considering this topic, it seems that Blender 2.8 doesn’t works on MacOS 10.9.5 (unless it’s a bug) while the 2.7 requirements set the minimum at MacOS 10.6.

Thanks for this compatibility information. This is a big help when deciding what hardware to purchase.