Hair Particle Caches in 2.8

# <...>\source\blender\makesdna\DNA_particle_types.h:274
("pathcache", ctypes.POINTER(ctypes.POINTER(_ParticleCacheKey))), # path cache (runtime)
("childcache", ctypes.POINTER(ctypes.POINTER(_ParticleCacheKey))), # child cache (runtime)

These caches no longer seem to update at runtime, for example:

  1. Initial render -> No Hair Particles
  2. Subsequent render -> Hair Particles Render
  3. Make a change to Hair Particles
  4. Render -> Hair Particles render the same as before the change was made
  5. Subsequent Render -> Hair Particles update to the new change

Is there a way to update these caches manually? It appears these no longer update at runtime in blender 2.8, or at least if they do, it happens after the BVH has already been calculated.