Hair Curve specific Geometry Node feedback

I understand the team is mostly focused on the hair sculpting tools at this time but I hope it is appropriate to post some ideas for geometry nodes that I feel could build out a robust node based grooming system. I suspect that most of these are already on the To-Do list and other may already be possible using a collection of other nodes. If anyone can point me to more information that I would appreciate it. Also I’d like to know if these kind of nodes would help out other styles of projects like Heist.

Hair Curve Geometry Nodes

An interpolation node with as much control as possible.

Clumping with the option of using guides

Random Selection
Being able to sort any group of curves by percentage into scaleable outputs. Ie, set number of output groups to 3 and set outputA to 15%, B to 50% and C to 35% of input curves

Hair Curve Length
Set length with inputs for min/max random values, if the length value is longer than the incoming curve it should follow the vector in a reasonable way

Hair Curve Diameter
Hair diameter with inputs for random values between a range. Option to controlled root/mid/tip shape by RGB style curve graph

Being able to cache out haircurves to to disk at any point of the graph, this could allow for grooms with much higher hair counts. (from one of our earlier conversations I’m not sure if this will be a possibility) It could also assist in simulation by simulating a lower number of hairs than the final render.

Curl/wave/spiral/crimp/braid/afroclumps Nodes
For different hairtypes

Split ends
Something I have never seen in a hair system is the ability to split the ends of hairs, being able to set the which CV count from the end you wish to split at and then having 2 outputs so the hair tip and split hair can be controlled and material assigned separately


Hi Gareth, thanks for sharing it. As I mentioned in the previous meeting it helps to give some directions once we start to focus on the non-destructive pipeline.

Note: apparently the post was held for moderation since it resembles a bit feature request. I’m making it listed now.

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