Hacking the execution of operator methods that require a context

Im new to the development of blender and the use of the python API.
Im beginning to struggle and make some sense about the need to provide a context for some operators to be called and work.
More specifically, using the bpy.ops.wm.draw_timer() operator call, “as is”, i get an error saying the context provided is not correct. Im callling this operator inside another operator but it is defined in another blender non-related class. (shouldnt make any difference anyway).

If i reference the method to a variable like this, and then call my variable method, it does work, nonetheless:

draw = bpy.ops.wm.draw_timer
draw(“DRAW_WIN_SWAP”, iterations=1)

but if i do this, which is the usual operator call:

bpy.ops.wm.draw_timer(“DRAW_WIN_SWAP”, iterations=1)

it throws the context error.

As far as i understand (coming from a C/C++ background), all im doing is just passing the function’s address. Unless it is not really a function and performs other stuff behind the curtains. From the Blender Documentation it says that this way of calling the operator calls in fact the “execute” method of the operator. Is that all it does?

Where can i get more information about this?

Thanks in advance.