Guidance needed

I’m new to open source contribution, Please guide me through my first contribution. How to join a project and work on an issue. I’ve build blender on my system. I’m having trouble in making my first contribution.

So what exactly is your problem? Have a look here

Welcome to the Blender community!

There are many different ways to get started depending on what particular aspect of Blender you’re interested in. I would suggest you familiarize yourself with Blender’s code first, through a little toy project. For instance you could pick an operator from the UI try to figure out how the call from Python goes to Blenders C or C++ code, how properties are represented internally (RNA) and the way the operator is implemented. Perhaps try to make an adjustment, like changing the default value for a property or change a bit of the operator’s code.

Once you feel you have a rough understanding of area of Blender you’re interested in works, you could check for open issues on the bug tracker. We have a Good First Issues page that might be helpful find a task for the beginning. What I would suggest though is using Blender, finding some minor inconvenience and try to fix it. You may also find those tasks on the bug tracker among those that are marked as low priority or sometimes known issue.

If you have any development related question you can head over to the blender-coders channel.