GSoC Project Proposal

Hi Everyone!

I’m interested in Optimizing Rendering for Many Lights but am unsure what all needs to go into the proposal. This will be my first open source project and I am inspired to work on this because I really loved Coco’s many lights rendering in the movie. Anyhow, any feedback would be appreciated!


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Hi Colleen,

Whilst I am not a proper blender dev, I have been around for a while and have some base information that may be worthwhile knowing. First up read up on the Many Lights Sampling from last years GSOC ( and look for the logs that he posted up, and his branch)

Next, what goes into a good GSOC candidate is the following – . As in, investigate the code that you are needing to be working with, have a good understanding of whats going on. Ask questions, and ask for feedback! Not much time now as the applications close in about 18 hours…

Finally… Read the ideas, and what has been asked… and think critically about each of the tasks that were listed and how this would be accomplished, and what skill set you have to complete each task as well. Also, if you haven’t estimated how long a certain task takes before, it will always take longer than you realise.

Hope that helps