GSOC idea: Improving curve editor workflow

I intend to add some keybindings to edit mode for editing curves. Let me know if it’s too small or limited to be considered a complete GSOC project, or if there’s anything that could be added to it:

  1. Left - Right arrow keys to move between curve vertices.
  2. Up - Down arrow keys to switch between the individual points of a beztriple.

I’ve looked at the source and it appears that I’ll need to add hooks which trigger view3d_select_exec for the required object when arrow keys are pressed, but I can’t pinpoint the part of codebase which deals with keybindings, where should I search for that.

I tried searching for AKEY enum but that didn’t lead to anything similar to the functionality of A key in blender editor.

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That is a nice idea, but much too small on its own for a GSoC project. From the GSoC FAQ: “You are expected to spend around 30+ hours a week working on your project during the 3 month coding period”. How long do you expect adding some key bindings would take?

This might be a nice tiny project to do before submitting a proposal, to show Blender that you are serious and know enough about Blender’s code to make a small change. But you need something much meatier for a proposal, in my opinion. Sorry, I don’t have any ideas to add to your specific idea to make it into a GSoC-sized project.

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hehehe…just a dream … :grin:
it could embrace the entire remake of the surface and nurbs curves with the Booleans and give a nice acceleration to the cad approach with blender


Yes curves in blender need a lot of love. Starting with the basic ability to add an “empty” curve to alow the user draw/extrude from the beginning. Adding a predefined curve and than manipulating it is a real pain in the…
And the next step

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I would suggest doing work on the Grease Pencil. Grease Pencils are basically poly curves, so there’s probably a lot of similar programming involved.