GSOC 2019 Question

I apologise if this is not an appropriate place for this question. Does the Blender Foundation consider GSOC applications that are for add-ons, not core code?

To be more specific, my proposal would be for a python tool that connects Blender to various open source microcontrollers (e.g. Arduino) to allow creative (and ideally easy) use of data from the physical world in virtual worlds.

To be even more specific, I have already started work on this tool, if you require further clarification. Current documentation here.

In short, would an application along these lines even be considered, or are there strict core code stipulations?

Thank you!

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If it’s functionality that we need as a core part of Blender like the FBX or glTF add-ons, then it can work. An Arduino add-on seems too far removed from core functionality though.

Thanks for the quick response! That is helpful to know.