GSoC 2019 Interest

Hi all,

I’m a computer science student who is beginning his journey into computer graphics, and I would love to contribute to Blender, especially for GSoC. I have a background in both C and Python, and I’m interested in C++ projects as well. Just from the GSoC idea suggestions, I’m most interested in:

  • List item Bevel Improvements: I have a strong background in linear algebra and multi-variable calculus. I understand that there are multiple enhancements/improvements that could constitute as a whole project, and I’d like to have a good mix of easier and harder ones.

  • List item New Texture Nodes: I’m interested in the data structures that graphics programs implement to support their operations.

  • List item Dynamic Brush Previews: I’ve worked with tools such as Photoshop before, so to my understanding, this project would be implementing something similar to those brushes, along with improving Blender’s interface and tools organization. Personally, I find this project very exciting.

  • List item Outliner Improvements: Similar to Dynamic Brush Previews.

As a beginner to Blender development, I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew, but at the same time, I’d like to work on a challenging and rewarding project. While I’m most interested in the above, I understand if another project would be better suited to my skills.

I’d appreciate any advice for a novice such as myself. Any thoughts on the projects? Anything I should look at right now to get a better grasp of computer graphics in general?



The best GSoC proposals for Blender are the ones that come from people who have done some research to form their own idea of what a task involves and how it will be tackled, with a realistic timeline of what will be done from week to week. Also, gaining familiarity with how to develop in Blender, by compiling it and making some small change to it, is a big plus.

Realistically, I think there is too little time before the proposal deadline for you to do much of this unless you have already started.

Of the tasks you have mentioned, the second has attracted the least attention so far.