Grease Pencil -- "No available frame for creating stroke"

from 2.93, I am getting this error when I try to draw a line with grease pencil from blank. “No available frame for creating stroke”
Anyone know where is this coming from? and how to fix? I can draw 2D animation new scene btw.


  • IMPORTANT CHANGE: Now Autokey button must be enabled to generate new keyframes in Draw, Edit or Sculpt mode. If the Autokey button is disabled, the last available frame is used. This is more aligned with how Blender works and with other 2D softwares. Also, 2D template has now Autokey button enabled by default. (6a662ffda8)
    • Note: Old files are not changed. Enable Autokey button manually to get the old behaviour.


Thank you dupoxy, this solved my problems too :slightly_smiling_face:

Note: Since this is a major change, it would be nice if the warning message includes this AutoKey toggle.

I don’t know, sometimes you just need to press i .

turn on auto keying, then it will start to show.

And if color is not as expected try adding light source near it.

Thank you, dupoxy and iluvblender. My same trouble is resolved, too!