Grease Pencil manual could be a bit more helpful

Imagine having an issue with setting up a grease pencil material for quick grass blade strokes with a bit of hue randomness for each stroke. So you find out why the hue random slider is greyed out by accidentally changing the paint mode to “vertex color”, but nothing happens:

You can use the mouse or a pen - the color is fixed.
You want to know what it is about that vertex color, and do the f1 to the online manual, and it tells you, regarding vertex colors:

“Use vertex color” lol
But you have one last chance: Do the f1 on the button that enables the randomness, and it will show you… this:

“Use randomness only at stroke level.” - A picture’d be helpful here.
My actual question though is: How do i get those random grass blade strokes?
Thx. :wink: