Grease pencil improvement for vectorel cut-out animation

Hello everyone, we are using Moho and Toonboom for vectorel cut-out animation, Blender for 3d background objects and After Effects for compositing in our studio pipeline. We want to combine all the processes in Blender, using Grease Pencil for cutout animation and do all the compositing in Blender as well. However there is a necessary thing that is missing in Grease Pencil which is essential for our animation technique. Right now Grease Pencil keyframes does not show up in Action Editor and this does not allow creation of complex rigs of vectorel animation and reusing them via controllers. I searched the internet and found that Joshua Leung tried to develop this in 2008
I wonder, Is this feature coming soon in Grease Pencil?
What is the amount of time and number of programmers needed to develop this feature?Maybe we can afford to develop it with our own means.


I’m not a 2D animator, but I do use Grease Pencil for a fairly amount of motion graphics 2D characters.

Can’t you use Grease Pencil objects and layer vertex rigged as regular objects and animate armatures instead?

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