Graph Editor Sliders Behavior

I think sliders inside graph editor should receive some love.

  • Enum_properties ares not visible in left panel

I guess this issue is due to all the properties are being displayed with no text="" in order to not mess up and bloat value fieldsIf there is no text, items won’t auto allign to fit the maximun space of that layout. And if there is no icon bools did not get streched to fit the space. And if there is no icon bools did not get streched to fit the space.Also if text were visible there is no way to resize only the space where sliders are placed. How would be your aproach?

  • For bools without icon, a condition may be added to be displaied with text= (one space) or display the icon 'BLANK1`, those things do the trick, but that’s a trick so, don´t know how fancier is.

  • For enums making a condition to display it’s property name / text.

  • For resize i’ll be lost, due to will need either to add some logic to the panel draw or maxing some sort of column split stuff that is not going to look good. What other resizable inside another resizable UI there is inside blender to catch some references? Guess spreadsheet also needs resizable tabs but, i’m not finding anything in the code to base an approach.


I wanted to make a code submit with this issue, but first i wanna hear suggestions on code-style for this task or how would you approach it.

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