Git workflow for Developing Blender

Hey I’m new to Blender development and I wanted to ask about your git workflows.
For the first issue I solved, what I did was set up my own fork, and work through it (similar to how I usually work on github).

I was wondering if this is how things are usually done (I see a lot of users with no forks on their user pages), or if there are better ways to do things that I’m not aware of.

One of the questions I have, if I use my own fork is about keeping it synched with the main project repo (so far I’ve found a silly workaround, where I pull the remote repo to my local repo, and then push it to my fork, but this doesn’t feel like the right way to do things).

The flow we recommend is following the main build guide on our wiki which clones the main blender repo, after which you can follow the pull requests section, to add your own fork as a remote.

I followed these guides, but so far I haven’t see a method to keep my fork updated with the blender repository.
I might have missed it, so I’ll take another look. Thanks!

once setup like that you can just checkout whatever branch you are working on in your fork, and run git merge origin/main to make it catch up with main.

Yup, that is somewhat similar to what I’ve been doing (probably a little more elegant though :slight_smile: ).
I know that in Github there’s simply a “Sync Fork” button, so I was wondering if there’s something similar here.

Yeah there’s nothing in gitea to facilitate that , you can track progress on that in #20880 on the gitea tracker