GHOST for other software

Is it possible for GHOST to port another software to create new UI based OpenGL ? Can i write in “hand” look and feel without to call from python ?

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This was asked on blender.stackexchange, answered here.

Ok GHOST is very low level and can be used outside from Blender but I can add to button and menu for UI in OpenGL for GHOST, that is right ? GLFW is similar to GHOST but no UI support.

In other hand wxwidget is good alternative to UI cross platform i will learn inside too on how to make look and feel ? But later i will do it.

GHOST is definitely not low level and obviously not very low level either.

Its part of Blender and not made to be used separately. Thus it will require a lot of work to become usable for you. That’s exactly the reply of @ideasman.

That does not mean you cannot get it to work for you, you could but you will be far better using an existing GUI API. I know that QT has very good support for OpenGL and is a very powerful GUI API , comings with also powerful GUI designer tools.

GHOST is definitely not low level and obviously not very low level either.

@kilon sounds like you’re confusing a bunch of things here, GHOST IS low level ,and very low level at that, it deals with window creation, timers, the clipboard, input form keyboard/mouse, opengl context etc. You could in theory take this library out of blender and use it elsewhere.

however it is very specific to blenders needs, there’s generic alternatives like SDL or SFMLthat’ll probably meet the requirements of other applications much better.

What ghost doesn’t do on the other hand is draw the UI, that code is buried deeply into the blender code base and is nearly impossible to extract/re-use.