Getting output from python add-ns?

Hi there, I have a really basic question, so I apologize in advance. I am trying to get some debug output from a Python add-on in Blender (the auto tile size one). Basically, it’s some print statements. How can I see them in Blender when using the add-on? I have the console window open, but nothing gets printed out. Is there something like Maya’s ‘Output Window’?

It should print the output in the system console itself. You can check that by making a new script with a single line: print("hi") and running it.

You might be forgetting invoking the add-on. I do it by operator search.

It’s possible that function isn’t being executed, I’ll try as you suggest and get back to you.

Yeah, I’m not seeing anything. Am I using the right window? This is what I am using now.

I think I see the issue here, there is a separate window for output. Sorry about the silly question, still learning!