Getting Cycles\EEVEE render pipeline events using Python

Hi there,
Anyone can add \ comment to this post regard tracing \ call back etc render events using python ?

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Hey guys,
Iā€™m also interested in this.
We would like to collect timings out of the blender rendering operation and store it in a shared long term metrics db (prometheus)ā€¦
We would really like to collect using python (not through the logs) the timings of sub operations of a single render python operation. Such as texture loading, saving, etc.

Is there anything on the python api that could allow us to do that?

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This is something that can be supported, but it needs some research as this would need to work for any render engine, not only the internal ones. and the measuring overhead should not be noticeable. There are many options to reduce the overhead.

If it is important for studios/renderfarms please join the development and take up this task as it is the best and fastest way how to get a feature implemented.

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