Geometry Nodes

I thought Dalai said no pole, just a post?

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I think you should create a new thread with 2 polls for both controversial decisions… set/get attributes and dashed noodles. This way the votes are easily accessible for anyone to vote on or to see the results of, without having to dig through hundreds of posts in this thread. The community should get a voice on these recent changes and a poll would make it clear what the majority want.

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You need to use Attribute Capture to get the face normals because the points don’t have normals.


I’ve been trying do what you show here in many different ways with vector math before. Your tree is much nice and more concise. However, I don’t quite understand what Attribute capture does and why if I plug the geometry directly to mesh to points node, the rotation is different. Isn’t the normal part of the original geometry already?

Another point, if trying to align normals to the faces of instances, it isn’t working at the moment. Shouldn’t the new normals get picked up from the instances?


Seems that if I plug in realize instance node before the second recursion, it works as one would expect

Is there a way to adjust the position the mesh, e.g. slide instance points across the U or V directions?

What would be a way to exclude certain instances?

Also, really important to workflows with many objects, is Fast Boolean coming to Geometry Nodes? The Exact boolean is very slow in my workflows so I rarely use it and it would be a big hurdle if it doesn’t exist in geometry nodes.

I tried…

it’s important to pay attention to the situation :

  1. an important statementis made via a “status update” alongside other mundain news
  2. it is asked to not talk about the restricions right on the topic
  3. polls not allowed

Hello Everyone,
we talked a lot about the removal of the named attribute within nodetrees on this topic (get/set attr nodes)

There’s a new dedicated topic about this subject.

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how it work with Collection info? all objects have a same position in instances.

I’m not sure what you want to achieve, but :
Try to enable/disable “Separate Children” / “Reset Children” / “Pick Instance”

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not working. try all. all objects in collection distribute in the same positions.

try all 3 at the same time please :slight_smile:

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thanks, Master!! all working now

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In fact the reset one is not needed if you want the offset from the 0,0,0 that an object can have to be respected, but the other two, yes, that’s the path :slight_smile:

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I’m trying the 3.0 build from yesterday. I managed to align the Y axis of the instanced object to the curve tangent, any ideas on how to rotate the instances around local Y accordingly to the curve tilt?

I Intuitively tried this:

But I’m obviously missing the point.

Here’s one method. Different options might work better on the align nodes depending on the orientation of your instance object.

Though they currently share the same socket, the difference between an angle and a regular direction vector is extremely important. In your example you have a the rotation plugged into the “Vector” input, just watch out for that.


Ahhh thanks, I suspected that was something related to what the vector socket represented. And completely forgot that I could use Normal. I’m not at my PC now, but I assume that the tilt of the curve directly controls the normal direction right? Otherwise I would still need to rotate the normal.

Just to make sure I understood the issue:

Let’s say that I want to control the roll of the elements with an arbitrary value(constant field) and not with the curve tilt.

Could I rotate ( just like I wrongly tried to do with the rotation directly) the normal with an “vector rotate” around the tangent vector before aligning the instance rotation to the normal? It would be legal since in this case, I would rotate a direction vector (the normal) and not a Rotation vector, correct?


I tried myself, It works, I managed to add global offset to the tilt:

Thanks a lot Hans @HooglyBoogly !!

Can someone confirm that The Raycast Node is missing/not ported yet in 3.0 build from yesterdat oct 12? Or it changed name?

Ray cast and Attr transfer is missing, planned for 3.0 :slight_smile:

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Hey folks
i “updated” the local/global matrix transforms nodes and the quaternion nodes
they are now all working with vector + fields !

Capture d’écran 2021-10-14 133429

Get here →

Also if someone have a transform node with reverse option that is compatible with field/vector please poke me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Let me know if i got something wrong (i suck at math), but well it seem to work fine :slight_smile:


How could we get attributes from different indeces now?

E.g. if We want to mix the Positions 0 - 20 with the positions 40 - 60, how would we do it?

I guess we could use split geometry a number of times and use Attribute Transfer but that seems cumbersome and unintuitive. Also I’m not sure how AT would work without setting new attribute names.

I feel all the input nodes should also have an Index input in order to achieve this, or am I missing a more obvious way?

I saw an index range node in the geometry-node chat
not sure yet how it will be used